Our Valuable Team Members

T. Akinwunmi Chairman
Timi Akinwunmi has a long span architectural career since 1983 from the United States before he co-founded SAS Consultants in Nigeria. He is a certified interior architect with eye for internal space design and has been involved in several projects, both in Nigeria and the United States. He is a founding member of Magenta Residential and brings his experience and expertise in high rise building architecture, interior design and construction to our firm. He is a great asset to the team and has a passion for collaborating with others.
O. AjayiManaging Director
A former banker with top banking institutions, including GT Bank, in Nigeria for 14 years. He has a passion for real estate and a sense of belief that greatness can be achieved through well-defined collaborations in a structured environment. His personality is best described as an outlier, with a quiet persona and head for details. While in the bank, he developed a sense of structure and understanding of dynamics of key industries, including construction. With a background in finance and economics, coupled with commercial banking experience, he has working knowledge and experience in marketing, relationship management and operations. He laid the foundation for entrepreneurial adventure in real estate, which is gaining ground in ‘Magenta Residential’ brand.
B. PuleDirector
A Pan-African private equity investor with several private equity investments since 2002, Pule has extensive experience in private equity practice and has been with major investment companies which include Actis (Africa), Shore View Capital (United States) and Goldman Sachs as investment banker, majoring in corporate advisory. As a board member in Magenta Residential, he oversees corporate finance and related functions.
O. AlileDirector
Osayi has a passion for impacting lives. With a background in public administration and years of experience in several leadership roles, she is committed to excellence and social causes, including the welfare of women in the society. She is a professional with major experience in nonprofits, including Fate Foundation. Currently, she is the CEO of ACT Foundation and a council member for Women in Business, Management and Public Service.
B. FakoredeDirector
Bashir is an astute businessmen with investments ranging from lands, oil downstream, dredging and real estate. He is thorough and has a high presence in the local community. His knowledge of land dynamics is unrivalled and his experience is highly valuable as a guide to making investments and choosing project locations. He is energetic, always willing to create value for the brand at the slightest opportunity, a great asset to our team and a complement to other directors.
D. OkotieDirector
An Oil and Gas engineering professional, Okotie is deeply involved in oil field engineering and related activities. He is a founding director of Eunisell Limited, an Oil and gas engineering brand that perform services to several oil field operators in the Country. He is highly entrepreneurial, with a mindset that generates ideas and high value referrals for the firm.

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